PDF REPORT: Counting The Cost Cyber Exposure Decoded

The aim of this report is to provide insurers who write cyber coverage with realistic and plausible scenarios to help quantify cyber-risk aggregation. The understanding of cyber liability and risk exposures is relatively underdeveloped compared with other insurance classes. By understanding cyber risk exposure, insurers can improve their portfolio exposure…

PDF REPORT: The Threat To Our Cybersecurity Foundation

Enterprises rely on tens of thousands of keys and certificates as the foundation of trust for their websites, virtual machines, mobile devices, and cloud servers. The technology was adopted to help solve the original Internet security problem of knowing what is safe and private.

Healthcare Industry Accounts For 16% Of Breaches

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris has addressed the Stanford Cyber Initiative to release a cyber breach report detailing the nature of data breaches reported to her office over the last four years. The report found between 2012 and 2015, there were 657 data breaches, which compromised over 49 million records…

Cybersecurity Strategy Of The European Union

Over the last two decades, the Internet and more broadly cyberspace has had a tremendous impact on all parts of society. Our daily life, fundamental rights, social interactions and economies depend on information and communication technology working seamlessly.

A Guide to Cyber Risk

Cyber risk is now a major threat to clients’ businesses. Companies increasingly face new exposures including first-and third-party damage, business interruption (BI) and regulatory consequences.
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