DAS Spain Launches DAS Cyberbullying Insurance

DAS Spain Launches DAS Cyberbullying Insurance

As figures on school bullying continue to rise, social networks and mobile phones are increasingly a part of young people’s daily lives. According to Spain’s National Statistics Institute, around 70% of 12-year-olds have a smartphone. This combination is creating a scenario in which cyberbullying is increasingly common as a form of harassment among teenagers. The latest report from Save the Children says that 7.3% of students in Spain have suffered from cyberbullying.

Against this backdrop, the DAS Cyberbullying insurance includes the ProofUp smartphone app that kids can use to record harassment and share it with their parents. It is important to stress that the parents do not control the app, the children decide on the content they want to share with their parents. They alert mum or dad to their concerns, giving them freedom and making them feel more mature, two things that teenagers, who tend to reject parental control apps, appreciate. 
Parents have only access to the content their children decide to upload onto the app and, if they feel there is proof of harassment, the multimedia files (video, audio, picture, etc.) can be sent to DAS, from where the parents will be advised on the best way to proceed to protect their children's interests. The app also lets parents and children agree to turn on the location function on the child's phone, and if they have an emergency, the kids can press the Alert Button to send their parents a help message with their exact location.

Parallel to the app, the DAS Cyberbullying solution also features a psychological hotline to support all family members affected by the child’s harassment. In addition, parents can settle any queries they have and take the necessary measures such as filing a complaint with the school to protect the child and activate the harassment action protocol, conflict mediation and pertinent legal actions. The insurance also covers protection of the minor’s personal details online and protection against identity theft.

“Our company believes that the best way to fight harassment is to foster an environment of trust and provide young people with instruments and resources to manage and settle these types of situations,” said DAS Spain CEO Jordi Rivera.

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